Practice and record music
in real time.

Create music with friends while socially distanced at home.

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Stay connected
while staying apart

It's hard to make music with friends when you're not in the same room. Upbeat makes it fun and easy to record duets (and trios and quartets) in real time from home.

Upbeat is perfect for:

  • A fun alternative to Zoom calls
  • Creating multi-frame videos for social media
  • Keeping music students engaged in virtual learning
  • More interactive lessons for private instructors

Synchronize with friends
in three simple steps.

No specialized skills or video-editing tools required.


Send a room link to up to 15 other friends. When they join, you'll be in a video chat together, ready to discuss your music.


Each player records their own part separately. When finished, you return to the video chat to wait for everyone to finish their parts.


Instantly watch the merged video with your partners and download a copy to share. Identify spots to work on and try again!

Musicians love Upbeat.

Hear why thousands of musicians play on Upbeat with friends.


I love that Upbeat allows my students to play together in real time, and that all performers receive instantaneous feedback in the form of an MP4 video after the performance! I'm excited to use Upbeat as part of my curriculum this Fall to help keep students engaged!

Young Kim

High School Orchestra Director
Johns Creek, GA


As an amateur flute choir musician, Upbeat has been an incredible rehearsal resource! We play our parts, a video is quickly generated, we can listen to our collective sound, and on the spot identify areas to work on! It's truly a terrific app in these socially distanced times!

Siva Sankrithi

Seattle, WA


Upbeat is a wonderful musical collaboration tool designed to level the playing field. In a time where making music online shouldn’t be cumbersome, Upbeat utilizes technology to bring musicians together with fewer obstacles. I can’t wait to see how it evolves!

Nathan Chan

Assistant Principal Cello
Seattle Symphony Orchestra

Built by musicians,
for musicians.

We're a team of musicians and tech geeks who love playing music with friends.

Built for educators

Virtual learning is hard, especially for music classes. We're here to help music educators by providing a video platform for music students.

Real-time collaboration

No more emailing videos or painfully aligning them. Instead, we do the hard work while you get instant feedback and focus on the music.

Fun with friends

Upbeat exists to bring people together over music. You'll have fun playing, recording, and laughing while creating music.

Upbeat Live Pricing

PRO plans let you host PRO rooms, which last longer and have more features.
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Individual Subscriptions

Bill yearly Bill monthlyFree
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PRO Basic
$ /mo
PRO Unlimited
$ /mo
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Merge multi-frame videos
play and download merged recordings
Video and text chat
Participants per room41616
Rooms per week25Unlimited
Room time limit30 minutes1 hourUnlimited
Observer Mode
watch room without participating in recording
give students live feedback
Leader Mode
play with partners while recording
advanced tempo/style adjustments
Backing Track
upload and play with custom track instead of clicks
Priority support
Upbeat Perform projects per month*10*10*10*
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* Some users on an education or group plan will have higher limits. Contact us for more information.


Yes! When a PRO member creates a room, anyone can join it and will benefit from the PRO features, including the longer room limit. However, the room will still count toward both members' weekly room quota.

Example: Susan, a PRO Unlimited member, invites John, a free tier user, to a room. Both players enjoy a PRO session. After the session ends, John only has one of his two weekly sessions remaining on the free tier.

If your account has used up its session quota for the week, you will not be able to join any more rooms. You will have to wait until the following week, when your quota resets.

Typically, every member of a group will get the same plan. However, this is up to you - under our educational and group plans, you can choose how many PRO accounts you would like to purchase. Free users can join PRO rooms and use PRO features, but note that every room that users join counts toward their quota. So, once a free user has exhausted their two rooms for the week, they will have to wait until the following week.

We expect to launch most of our announced PRO features by the first week of September, 2020 - in time for the beginning of the school year. We will be sending out weekly updates to members detailing our progress and new features.

We appreciate your patience - we're a small team working very hard to get you high quality software as quickly as possible!

We're happy to give you a peek behind the scenes - most of our costs come from running video chat. Most music educational software does not provide video chat, and so as a result have very low variable costs, allowing them to charge low prices while maintaining very high margins. On the other hand, most video chat providers are either very large or very well-funded companies, and can afford to lose a lot of money in some markets in the hope of making it up elsewhere.

We believe video chat is a critical part of what makes Upbeat compelling. We are actively looking for ways to reduce video chat costs in order to make our software more accessible. Until then, we encourage everyone to use the free tier, and believe that it can still provide significant benefit.

Upbeat works on Chromebook and any laptop or desktop with the Google Chrome browser. We don't yet support iPad - we plan to release an iOS app eventually but are focusing on improving the existing web application in the short term.

Yes! We follow all industry best practices and federal regulations when it comes to security and privacy, and we are COPPA and FERPA compliant. Learn more by reading our Privacy Policy.

We accept check and credit/debit card. We also accept Purchase Orders from schools.

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